Mindful Roots Mission Statement
A fun and collaborative project initiated by 3 forward thinking female physicians. Our diverse
backgrounds make for the foundation (and thus roots) of our practice. Our mindful and careful
consideration on what we want to bring to our community is the basis behind our mission statement.  
Our primary focus with our new adventure stems from the identified need in our community to provide
both a safe and secure space, in addition to time, to discuss sensitive subject matter. This currently will
focus on urinary incontinence, pelvic floor relaxation, and overall wellness, core strength and body
image. HOW WE CARRY and FEEL about ourselves. We have some exciting tools that we hope will help
We are very excited to announce that we will be the first practice IN MAINE to provide EMSELLA,
technology based on HIFEM (High- Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic ) technology that produces deep
pelvic floor contractions and strengthening. This has been FDA approved for both urge and stress
incontinence for woman AND men. An exciting alternative (or addition) to the current options of
physical therapy, pessaries, medications, or surgery. This works!! It has been found to be 95% effective
and can change your life! Imagine being able to move, cough, laugh, run, and not to worry about pads,
odor, embarrassment or shame. Babies, life, and time... Most of us have been affected by incontinence.
And it does not stop at the bladder. All of our organs rely on the strength of our pelvic floor, there are
many potential benefits to this therapy. As ob-gyns and family practice physicians we cannot tell you
how passionately we feel about this cause.
In addition to the pelvic floor another very important (and again forgotten) aspect to our overall health
is our muscle core. How we breathe, stand, and carry ourselves depend on our core strength. We will be
the second practice in Maine to provide the EMSCULPT. Using the same technology discussed
previously, this machine focuses primarily on three different treatment areas, rectus muscles, glutes,
and thighs. In addition to muscle strength the emsculpt also offers fat reduction. Rectus diastasis
(separation of the abdominal wall secondary to pregnancy) - a huge and frustrating problem not fixed by
routine exercise has shown significant improvement, gluteus muscles and thighs lifted and strong,
overall core strength improvement with potential inches off. If the Patriots, Boston Bruins, and Drew
Barrymore endorse and use this product I think we are doing pretty well!  
In the end we feel as osteopaths this technology is SAFE (no adverse side effects)* and marries FORM
and FUNCTION. Something we all believe in. The emsella and emsculpt are just the beginning for us.
Many great ideas and thoughts are in process for our future. We look forward to meeting and growing
with you all!  
Rana Daniel DO, Catherine Krouse DO, and Lisa Parsons DO