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About Lotus Family Practice

Lotus Family Practice is a direct primary care practice. This means having a doctor who has the time to get to know you. It means belonging to a practice that focuses on keeping you healthy, and provides the tools and support to back that up. This means getting the care you need without any red tape or hoops to jump through.


We limit the number of patients in our practice to around 600 patients per doctor, significantly less than the conventional practice typically over 2000. This means relaxed office visits with enough time to address all of your needs, same day appointments, and a doctor who is easily accessible through phone or email.


We don’t accept insurance. But don’t let that scare you. It can actually save you money. Becoming a member can help you avoid high insurance premiums, if all you really need is catastrophic coverage. We also offer drastically discounted generic medications and lab work.


Established in 2015.


Dr. Krouse finished her family medicine residency at Central Maine Medical Center in June 2014. Since then she has been working hard to create a family practice that focuses on connection, community, and seeks to find the root of disease and suffering, rather than mask symptoms. This has led her to create Lotus Family Practice. A place such as this would not be possible under the insurance model, so we cut out the middle man and created an affordable, accessible model that allows us to practice medicine in such a way that we can stay true to our values.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

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Dr. Catherine Krouse

Dr. Catherine M. Krouse is a board certified family physician. She was born and raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and then headed to Philadelphia for college and medical school. At Temple University she received her Bachelor’s degree in World Religion. She received her medical degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

At this point she needed a break from city life and was drawn to Maine for family medicine residency, graduating in June 2014. Her experience studying both the humanities as well as medical science helped to shape her perspective of medicine and her practice. Every person is unique in their experience and thus requires a unique path to health and healing. Dr. Krouse is committed to providing the tools and support that allow patients to heal on many levels.

In addition, yoga is an important part in Dr. Krouse’s life and medical practice. She has received her 200 hour yoga teacher certification through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Her classes are a mix of guided meditation, Hatha (holding postures), and Vinyasa (flowing through postures) with the intention to create space in order to listen to the wisdom all of our bodies possess.

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Dr. Martha Gilman

Dr. Martha Gilman is a board certified osteopathic family physician.  She  completed her family practice residency in July 2017 and chose to join Lotus Family Practice for many reasons.  To start, it is located in southern Maine where she went to medical school (UNECOM, graduated in 2009) and is only 2 hours from her home town of Canterbury, NH.  The practice is a direct primary care office, which is ideal to foster the physician-patient relationship essential for providing high quality patient care.  Appointments are not rushed, allowing time for Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments (OMT), which Dr. Gilman uses on a regular basis.  There is also time during the day to do all the “extras” in patient care: call patients, read about topics to refresh her memory, and enjoy the mental space provided by having less frequent patient appointments, adding to her own quality of life.

Dr. Gilman loves all aspects of family practice: caring for newborns, the frail and elderly, and everyone in between.  She utilizes modern medicine, alternative/complementary medicine (especially OMT) and mindfulness to help patients live the lives they were meant to live.  She is also a hospice volunteer where she can witness the beauty and rawness of the human spirit.  These experiences enable her to have meaningful conversations with her own patients as they approach their end-of-life.  She is looking forward to building relationships with her future patients and navigating the crazy health care system together!

Education and Training

  • Residency

    • St Vincent Family Medicine Residency Program

    • Erie, PA   Completed in July 2017

  • Neuromuscular Medicine Internship

    • Residency Program in Community Osteopathic Medicine

    • Southampton, NY  2009-2010

  • Doctor of Osteopathy

    • University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

    • Biddeford, ME  Graduated 2009

  • Master’s of Science in Animal Sciences and Biochemistry

    • University of New Hampshire

    • Durham, NH  Graduated 2005

  • Bachelor’s of Science, Biochemistry major

    • University of New Hampshire

    • Durham, NH  2003

Cindy Bolles, PA

Cindy was brought up on Cape Cod. She was a competitive figure skater and coached skating for 20 years at Falmouth family ice. She trained for the 1988 Olympic in rowing while doing her undergraduate degree in exercise physiology/education at Northeastern University. She completed her PA degree at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  In her 30 years of practice, she has worked in trauma at Maine Medical Center. She worked at Orthopedic Associates for several years. The majority of her career she practiced at Mercy Hospital in the emergency department/urgent care. The past four years she has been doing primary care on Vinalhaven.

She is most proud of her five children.  She enjoys her three dogs and her horse.

Cindy is passionate about connecting with her patients and providing them with care that is preventative and compassionate. She is excited to be joining this dynamic practice!

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Karen MacDonald, LCSW

Karen is a native of Maine and graduated from the University of New England
where she received her Master’s Degree in Social Work. She has been working as
a Clinical Social Worker since 2000 and has worked in a community health setting
serving children, families and adults. She has worked with persons ages 2 through
92 and enjoys working with all age groups.

Karen has received training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Attachment
Therapy. She has experience working with persons who are challenged with
anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. She enjoys working with persons who
are trying to gain control over their emotional health and reach a balance in their

Karen approaches her work with clients using a strength’s based lens. Her
philosophy is strongly grounded in client centered treatment where the client is
the expert of their life. She sees her role as being a therapist who will help guide
and assist client with tools to help them achieve their goals.

Karen is very excited to be working with the Lotus Family Practice as part of their
holistic approach to mind and body wellness.

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