Maine Osteopathic Association 2016 Young Physician of the Year Award

Thank you MOA! It's been a wonderful year as a doctor entrepreneur in ‪Direct Primary Care‬. I love spending quality time with my patients and offering fun and engaging wellness classes.

"Congratulations to our own Cathy Krouse DO, winner of the Maine Osteopathic Association 2016 Young Physician of the Year award!

Dr. Krouse founded her own Direct Primary Care practice, Lotus Family Practice, LLC with Dr. Catherine Krouse in Falmouth Maine after graduating from Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency. She's also a graduate of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. — with Cathy Krouse and Jack Forbush at Samoset Resort."

Awash in Paperwork, Maine Doctors Abandon Conventional Treatment Model

FALMOUTH, Maine - Many primary care doctors commit to the profession because of their passion for caring for patients. But the reality of the job often requires doctors to pack each day with patient appointments. As time with patients shrinks and administrative tasks swell, the quality of care can suffer.

Out of frustration, some Maine doctors have decided to abandon the conventional treatment model for something called direct primary care.

Last July, Catherine Krouse was just about done with her career choice. Fresh out of medical school and her residency in family medicine, she didn't feel eager for her future. She felt jaded.

"I knew for myself that signing a contract with a conventional model would be the end of me, that I wouldn't go back," she says. "I'd probably quit medicine."

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DIRIGO STORIES: Falmouth doctor cuts ties with insurance

FALMOUTH (WGME) -- A doctor is done with insurance companies, and believes her model of care will keep patients healthier.

Lotus Family Practice in Falmouth is one of about five direct primary care practices in Maine. Instead of going through insurance companies to get paid, doctors rely on a monthly fee from patients to pay their salary.

Dr. Catherine Krouse started her practice about a year ago.

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