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What is “Direct Primary Care”?

This is a model of medicine that offers medical care for a low monthly membership fee, rather than billing insurance.

How is this practice different from others?

This is a model of medicine that offers medical care for a low monthly membership fee, rather than billing insurance. Using the direct primary care model allows us to cut down our overhead because we don’t have to hire three people to do insurance billing. That reduced overhead allows us to limit the number of patients in our practice and lower prices. No more feeling like a number. No more waiting days or weeks to see the doctor for a rushed 7 minute visit. No more call centers.

Do you accept health insurance?

No. Although insurance is important to have for more serious illness or injuries, it tends to create barriers for day-to-day things like primary care. You would never expect or want your car insurance to cover your oil changes, tune-ups, or minor repairs, which would require cumbersome paperwork for reimbursement and prior authorizations for the work. By cutting out the middle man, medical costs are much more affordable, and accessible.

Do I still need a health insurance plan if I am a member of Lotus Family Practice?

Yes. It’s important to be covered for catastrophic events. Depending on your medical needs, we can help find a plan that pairs the best with your membership. For example, if you are fairly healthy and don’t anticipate many visits to specialists or hospitals, you may do well paired with a high deductible/ low premium plan. On the other hand, if you will likely require visits to specialists, or need a surgery or expensive name brand medication, you may do better with plan with more coverage.

If I don’t usually go to the doctor’s office very often, will I still benefit?

Yes. Because we focus on keeping you healthy, we offer a variety of wellness classes throughout the week as a part of your membership.  Also, we are here when you need us.  We are available by text, call and email after hours.  When you need to be seen, we make it happen same or next day, by a physician who knows you.

Can I become a member if I am eligible for medicare?

Yes.  Medicare patients can become a member for a flat fee of $60/month.  Medicare will not reimburse for your membership fee, but your medicare benefits can still be used for any lab work, medications, imaging, hospital visits.

How do I know if the practice is right for me?

We would be happy to set up a complimentary meeting to answer all of your questions and tour the office. 

How do I become a patient?

You have two options.

Option 1: You can go to the ‘sign up’ page and complete the online form.  If you are not sure of dates or events it asks you about, just leave them blank for now.  A form of billing method is required, which is saved on a secure third party website.  Nothing will be charged until we’ve confirmed your membership.

Option 2: Call the office to set up an appointment with our coordinator, Erica, who will walk you through step by step.

What happens if I join the practice, and then leave?

There is no minimum commitment, but if you discontinue your membership in less than a year, our policy would apply as follows: office visits will be charged individually, minus any membership fees paid.  Any balance will be due upon cancellation.  A fee schedule for this circumstance can be made available upon request.

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